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Fruity Rustic Charm @Food For Thought

Wedding of Apple and Ben, photographed by AndroidsinBoots.

When Apple came to look for me, she had loads of awesome ideas. Things i wished i would have done in my own wedding. She wanted foliages, she wanted soft willowy look and she wanted fruity ( as per her name! ). in short, what she wanted was extremely rustic and if you wanna go full force rustic i assumed the outdoors or somewhere airy. However, her love for pancake also cannot be forgotten. Choosing Food for Thought at the National Museum as her venue, here comes the big challenge.

We will have to find a way to tie in the rustic look with the strong and solemn interior of National Museum of Singapore. And most of the time, floral decor is the best way to go about it. With Apple’s heirloom items and with the excellent photography skills of AndroidsinBoots, and a touch of flowers may i present A&B’s wedding at Food for Thought.


Apple specifically asked for an oversized bouquet and as flowy as possible. Using peonies, vintage roses, strawberries, little pineapple pods, spirea and assorted wild mix. I tried my best to create the biggest bouquet of my life.  Dangling the strawberries is freaking hard work. applebouquet.jpg

At their wedding, Apple created their own wedding sign and Apple’s dad created a rack filled with memories for the couples. I simply adorned the frame and sign with fruity garlands.



Apple also used a vintage sewing machine her grandma gave her as solemnization table. Circling the theme, the couple gave measuring tapes as wedding favors and scoured vintage stores looking for old vintage drawers as their centerpieces. Vintage drawers contained photos of their parents and themselves, old buttons and thread spools with little flowers.



Her love for pancakes also allowed me to create a self-serve Pancake station for the guests. And most interesting of all, instead of a traditional wedding cake Apple and Ben opted for a pancake stack as her wedding cake. Pouring maple syrup on it to seal the deal instead of cutting. How apt!


A&B20150605_205805 (1)_1.jpg

this has more meaning that cake cutting don’t  you think?!

a funny and unforgettable moment happened when the bride and groom told me his prickly pineapple boutonniere struck her when they were about to kiss.


Apple & Ben are also photographers and they customized their own photo booth, I designed a simple moon shaped arch as backdrop. Here’s me and my sister elf.


and lastly some kind words from the couple themselves. I couldn’t be happier how it turned out and really glad that the couple loved it.

From Apple
“The Strawberries and Baby Pineapples were definitely a conversation starter at our wedding ! Till today our relatives still talked about my husband’s pineapple boutonniere poking me while we kissed ! Everybody definitely had a good laugh about it.My husband friends ( the guys ) definitely loved the pineapples and warned everyone in the group chat to be careful of hugging the groom lest you get poked as well.
The old folks loved the pineapples as it symbolizes ‘Huat’ good fortune and good blessings for our wedding.
At first i was so worried that my handwritten wedding signage wouldn’t fit in yet Fiona decorated it well with apples and matches my name !
Mixed fruit garland beautify the gigantic plain white photo frame that my father hand made.
Our guests were attracted to take photos in front of the lovely floral wreath backdrop by Fiona.
We had a pancake station and we got Fiona to ‘style’ our wedding pancake ! With her straightforward nature and unique taste, i knew i could trust her to surprise me which she certainly did.
Kudos to her for liaising with the restaurant about the pancake sizes and to work with the limited ingredients on hand.
My family and friends couldn’t comprehend my idea of signing our marriage certificate on my grandma heirloom sewing machine, pancake as wedding cake, apples as decorations. I’m so glad that Fiona supported my idea.
Fiona helped me to cope with the stress of planning the wedding with just 2 months to go and juggling with the home renovations.
She is not just as a stylist but also as a friend with good advice on turning my ideas into reality and even better that what I had envisioned!”

Here’s wishing the couple forever love. big Muacks to them! xxx

A&B20150605_180822 (1)

later peeps.

fiona t

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its about time to talk about me. couldn’t be better timing than today. the day i have been dreading for the past 30 years. it happened. I AM OFFICIALLY 30.


about me – photo credit goes to framewerks

so i have staked my name on my work, but how it all started is always the usual question my clients ask.


flower head – photo credit goes to framewerks

as you know by now, blogging is not my forte. so i will do a Q&A with myself. most questions are asked by my clients most of the time. and most commonly, this is the first question….

Q: why are u chinese but you have angmoh surname ah? are you singaporean anot?
A: oh, thats because i am married to an angmoh lor. yar, born and bred. the name “fiona lim” is very common so fiona treadwell is chosen just because it has a nice ring to it and our marriage is the reason how it all started…

Q: wah! you married ang moh ar? so did you have 2 weddings?
A: indeed! i had 2 weddings, one in new york and another in singapore! and comparatively i enjoyed the one in new york more simply because it was an intimate garden affair. we had tapas in the garden with a boat filled with fresh seafood, flowers bloomed beautifully in spring and lots of dancing afterwards. fresh flowers for bridal bouquets and the wedding entourage is a must! though it was super pretty, i thought my bouquet was too huge and heavy.


wedding in new york – butterfly release. photo credit goes to betsi ewing

and i had a typical chinese “yum seng” wedding about a year later. the wedding in singapore was more for my parents, thats what i felt. it was grand, showy but it was no lack of fun. though married and by then i already had a son, my hubby still had to go through gate-crashing with his diverse entourage against an all singaporean “jie meis” ( bridesmaids). we still pull up that wedding video every now and then and have a good laugh. the flowers however, was a pain in the ass to coordinate. when i had the most beautiful flowers in new york for almost one fifth the price i was quoted here, i was in shocked!!!!

so this is how it all started, i always loved flowers. i always loved receiving flowers. and sorry to be a flower-snob i hate receiving roses with baby’s breath, gerberas or worst carnations when i wasn’t even a mum back then. and whoever dated me back then knew i heart callas. not any calla lilies, it have to be from holland and in specific shades. my hubs got yelled at me when he sent me a bouquet of yellow callas with a lot of frills many years ago.

when we came back to singapore ( we were residing in hong kong for some time back then) i couldn’t find a suitable florist who would charge me reasonably for a bouquet of exotic flowers for my sg wedding. because everything is EXOTIC IN SINGAPORE! because we don’t grow any and our neighbors grow chrysanthemums, all flowers are expensive. they are expensive because they have to be air freight and kept in appropriate conditions. the freight charges are why it cost so much! so i took things into my own hands, i made my wedding bouquet, wedding corsages for my entourage by myself. and amidst all the wedding madness, i actually enjoyed it.


wedding in sg – dress by time taken to make a dress and flower bouquet by myself.

Q: so… this is how it started, how did u learn the trade?
A: i learnt by trial and error, i learnt by reading, i learnt by wikihow, i went to floral classes conducted by local florist, i went to community center every week to join the senior citizens arranging flowers, i went to the countries i visited to talk to like minded people, i went to flower markets around the world to learn about them ( the craziest one is the one in tokyo! ) i learnt by unlearning everything i learnt above and make my own rules as i go along. the technicalities of floristry i retained, but the creative and innovative part i have yet to break out.  As you are reading this, i am most probably in class at the New York Floral School.

while business is a part of my life, it is not the entirety of my life. i have a supportive family with a too-cute son. they are the foundation of it all. i am glad that i can run my business according to my rules and most of the time its no holds barred rules. i love experimenting with new things but i do run my shop with a few mottos in life. as stubborn as it is, this is me.


the tread wells – photo credit goes to framewerks

1. Everything happens for a reason

All the good, the bad. the mistakes, the rights. all the mishaps and happenings lead up to one moment in life that we will never regret. the one moment that you live for.

2. Take a stand

Take a stand in life. if you don’t make enemies, you don’t know who are your allies. Burn those bridges, because there are places in life that you don’t want to go back to. Or those people across the bridge to ever come back to your life.

3. do unto others as you would have them do unto you 

Quoting the bible even though i am not christian. because i believe the circle of life, karma. Someone said karma has no menu and i believe strongly that what you do comes back at you.

This is what i have accumulated for the past 30 years and it has become an important value in life. Thanks for taking the time out to read this. And to those who wished me happy birthday, thank you 🙂






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i really dislike blogging, i can talk non-stop. so much. even speaking to myself, my 1 and a half year old son and even to my dogs. but i just can’t blog. and i don’t take awesome pictures, so basically the 2 basic ingredients of blogging i don’t fulfill. if i ever have an alter-ego, i will so be called 吐血 tuxue or aka vomit blood.

nevertheless, i will keep doing it. well, the truth is there is so much going on i can blog about. I really had a fulfilled time these 2 months, 8 weddings bouquets i have done and some personal milestones achieved but yet i can’t seem to find enough materials to write one proper post. so here is a mashed up of everything that happened and what’s more to come…

First and foremost, FIONA TREADWELL turned 1! I have many people to thank, my hubby for supporting me relentlessly. he has a day job but work weekends for me. my parents, ever so supportive of what i do and helping me so much with my kid. my siblings, my bro and his gf are full time FT elves and my sister a source of inspiration. most of my crafts are taught by her! and then my friends backing me up all the time, what more can i ask for in life? really. of course, last but not least, my baby! without his existence, i might still be in that big multinational bank typing away things that don’t matter in life. so, i am very very grateful and blessed to be in this delightful industry!

To celebrate this joyous 1st birthday, FIONA TREADWELL is giving away a load of goodies. One winner from Instagram and Facebook each will receive:

1) $200 online floral voucher from
2) 1 pack of FT’s confetti
3) A poster size customized calligraphy by Souldeelight
4) A set of 5 pink and grey honeycomb balls from MerryLove: Wedding Things
5) A set of pretty tassel garlands from Red Carousel


To enter, simply go to my instagram (@fionatreadwell) comment #iamaftfollower and tag 2 friends or Facebook (/fionatreadwell) to share the post and tag 2 friends. contest will end on the 13th of July and winners will be announced on the 14th of July. Only applicants in Singapore need apply! good luck all!

and so, as i was saying how blessed and grateful i am to be in this industry i have to commend my old and new friends that made this journey thus far so enjoyable. my “first” friends were Haolun ( from Framewerks Photography) and Yihui who graciously let me floralize their whole wedding. It was the kickstarter wedding, their wedding doesn’t only meant a lot to them but for me i will always remember. not only did they gave me an opportunity but also a direction and motivation to pursue my dreams. will be forever grateful to both of them.

not long after FT was found, i met the super-mom cum merry-maker genius. founder of Red Carousel, Wynona. The first time i met her, even after i told her i was going in the same direction as what she is doing she still shared trade information with me. She was utterly generous, i really couldn’t believe it. Today, i consider her a mentor, a friend and respected colleague.

and along the way of course, people in the industry always bound to cross paths. Singapore is how tiny?! but it is definitely a series of very fortunate events that i met many more awesome people. Androids in Boots were one of them, they were also the videographer for my Wedding Day, and needles to say their work is impeccable. ( my hubs and I still will pull up the video once in a while to reminisce our big day! ) 2 brothers at the helm, you can expect seamless coordination between the two and be assured nothing goes unnoticed at your wedding. AiB and I have also worked on one styled shoot together and I cannot be any happier how my bouquet turned out, in film nonetheless. More photos to come and then i promise i will do a proper blogpost.


And I kept making friends, which i thought i was done making friends when i was working in the banking industry. any suspicions, backstabbing and politically incorrect behaviors are non-existent to me. whatever the hell was politically incorrect anyways, at a daily basis i get to be myself. talk the way i want to, dress the way i want to ( even though sometimes my hubs might say its in the incorrect age group. ) and reply my emails the way i want to. this is just simply because, weddings and party making are such joyous occasions and if client likes your style they are likely to follow you. similar to how a girl likes her bags, all made of leather but if you are a Chanel kind of girl or Gucci kind of girl. on the same note, i want to be the Hermes kind of girl in the floristry world.

So just adoration for pretty florals isn’t enough, I was thinking of how i can enclose beautifully written calligraphy to my couples and recipients for my bouquets. Thus entered the most dee-lightful person on earth i met, she reminds me of bubbly champagne and the word ‘delighted’. of course its Dee from Souldeelight, I kept forgetting she’s a lens-woman too but because I am just too captivated by her words. This is an industry whereby all connections you make will be in your favor, she has given me so much assistance and support as a newfound friend so far I am immensely honored. of course, my scratchy chicken feet calligraphy still needs practice, meanwhile Dee is here producing scrolls of beautiful quotes for my lovely couples. We are another dynamic duo that have so much ideas for each other, mostly she has more ideas for me but she is definitely here to stay!


And a few other newfound friends I found would be the lady boss of MerryLoveWeddings, another wedding specialist! We are again in this same competitive industry but once again she’s the one that understands my predicament, we talked about how our husbands sigh when they see more packages coming in and how its nice to have “colleagues” in this small industry. Another young but totally NOT inexperienced one would be the girl with the same name, Fiona of SmittenPixels. She made me think of what i did when i was young(er) a lot, she’s in her early 20s creating something important and impactful. And as for me…… what past has past, sigh. 20s is almost over! Pffftt Same group i met Pearlyn from Pearlyn Law Makeup, so young so skillful and so mature! They made me laughed a lot during our styled shoot, gave me a lot of hope that Singapore is not churning out unoriginal robots but talented ones and lastly reaffirming me that I am still young!! Here’s the final product of all our laughter and happiness with the humble couple of the day, Brad from Ladyironchef and Melody.


So while I am still young, even though i started late. its still never too late to learn. I have never talked about how i got into this trade, but its another story for another day. I am a totally hands-on and intuitive person, as much as i agree to life-hacking and making it up as you go, i would still love to go to formal training. but i have to keep telling myself, going to a floral school doesn’t mean i am conforming to the norm but to learn the tricks of this industry. This summer i will be going to the Floral School of New York for some intensive lessons! And honestly I can’t wait! I will take loads of photos and update my progress in New York for my floral adventures!

Meanwhile, I will keep creating weddings and making girls happy!