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Fruity Rustic Charm @Food For Thought

Wedding of Apple and Ben, photographed by AndroidsinBoots.

When Apple came to look for me, she had loads of awesome ideas. Things i wished i would have done in my own wedding. She wanted foliages, she wanted soft willowy look and she wanted fruity ( as per her name! ). in short, what she wanted was extremely rustic and if you wanna go full force rustic i assumed the outdoors or somewhere airy. However, her love for pancake also cannot be forgotten. Choosing Food for Thought at the National Museum as her venue, here comes the big challenge.

We will have to find a way to tie in the rustic look with the strong and solemn interior of National Museum of Singapore. And most of the time, floral decor is the best way to go about it. With Apple’s heirloom items and with the excellent photography skills of AndroidsinBoots, and a touch of flowers may i present A&B’s wedding at Food for Thought.


Apple specifically asked for an oversized bouquet and as flowy as possible. Using peonies, vintage roses, strawberries, little pineapple pods, spirea and assorted wild mix. I tried my best to create the biggest bouquet of my life.  Dangling the strawberries is freaking hard work. applebouquet.jpg

At their wedding, Apple created their own wedding sign and Apple’s dad created a rack filled with memories for the couples. I simply adorned the frame and sign with fruity garlands.



Apple also used a vintage sewing machine her grandma gave her as solemnization table. Circling the theme, the couple gave measuring tapes as wedding favors and scoured vintage stores looking for old vintage drawers as their centerpieces. Vintage drawers contained photos of their parents and themselves, old buttons and thread spools with little flowers.



Her love for pancakes also allowed me to create a self-serve Pancake station for the guests. And most interesting of all, instead of a traditional wedding cake Apple and Ben opted for a pancake stack as her wedding cake. Pouring maple syrup on it to seal the deal instead of cutting. How apt!


A&B20150605_205805 (1)_1.jpg

this has more meaning that cake cutting don’t  you think?!

a funny and unforgettable moment happened when the bride and groom told me his prickly pineapple boutonniere struck her when they were about to kiss.


Apple & Ben are also photographers and they customized their own photo booth, I designed a simple moon shaped arch as backdrop. Here’s me and my sister elf.


and lastly some kind words from the couple themselves. I couldn’t be happier how it turned out and really glad that the couple loved it.

From Apple
“The Strawberries and Baby Pineapples were definitely a conversation starter at our wedding ! Till today our relatives still talked about my husband’s pineapple boutonniere poking me while we kissed ! Everybody definitely had a good laugh about it.My husband friends ( the guys ) definitely loved the pineapples and warned everyone in the group chat to be careful of hugging the groom lest you get poked as well.
The old folks loved the pineapples as it symbolizes ‘Huat’ good fortune and good blessings for our wedding.
At first i was so worried that my handwritten wedding signage wouldn’t fit in yet Fiona decorated it well with apples and matches my name !
Mixed fruit garland beautify the gigantic plain white photo frame that my father hand made.
Our guests were attracted to take photos in front of the lovely floral wreath backdrop by Fiona.
We had a pancake station and we got Fiona to ‘style’ our wedding pancake ! With her straightforward nature and unique taste, i knew i could trust her to surprise me which she certainly did.
Kudos to her for liaising with the restaurant about the pancake sizes and to work with the limited ingredients on hand.
My family and friends couldn’t comprehend my idea of signing our marriage certificate on my grandma heirloom sewing machine, pancake as wedding cake, apples as decorations. I’m so glad that Fiona supported my idea.
Fiona helped me to cope with the stress of planning the wedding with just 2 months to go and juggling with the home renovations.
She is not just as a stylist but also as a friend with good advice on turning my ideas into reality and even better that what I had envisioned!”

Here’s wishing the couple forever love. big Muacks to them! xxx

A&B20150605_180822 (1)

later peeps.

fiona t

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Romantic Rustic @ The White Rabbit

N&W are a pair of priceless couple. she looks awesome in her glasses on her wedding day, no one can carry that off except her. he is endearing in nature, sweet and secretly quirky. so they came to me rather last minute, the moment i met them i knew they are going to be so much fun. they handmade concrete planters as take home favors, laser cut wooden name plates as escort cards and we DIY-ed succulent chalk board tins for guests to bring home.

Solemnization was held at The White Rabbit and they wanted something raw, industrial and rustic for the wedding. It was totally my kind of wedding!


Bride was a petite girl and obviously doesn’t like too much fluff, so i concocted a sturdier bouquet with eucalyptus, kiera david austins, spray roses and of course a huge succulent to flank it. succulent was added to be consistent with the venue decor at the white rabbit. Groom also wears a succulent boutonniere.




And a floral crown for her to complete the look. she wore it perfectly!


The white rabbit is such a versatile location, done a couple of weddings there and every couple brings their own vibe to it. This wedding is by far the most whimsical to date. Couple wanted it simple, raw and industrial. They saw the decor at my place and told me this is it, and i was gleaming from ear to ear. Their reception styling was done with stainless steel frames, chalkboard signage, bricks and their handmade planters. Instead of table centerpieces, they opted for DIY upcycled chalkboard tins. I have to give the bride the credit, i told her there is no way i am going to make so many within a short period of time and she volunteered to do it with me. The end result was spectacular, she was way better than me.

reception styling

reception styling


reception styling is becoming a trend, it basically showcase the couple’s journey together. N&W wanted it raw and industrial, so i incorporated steel frame, bricks, tree barks as photo frame, upcyled chalkboard tins and their handmade planters into the area.

In the dining area, I suggested a long floral garland for the main table and 70 over upcycled chalk board tins as individual table pieces. the upcycled chalk board tins doubled up as table numbers as well.

main table floral garland

main table floral garland

chair swag for the couple. simple posy with home-made “bride” and “groom” signs by yours truly.


These DIY upcycled tins were really fun to make, i first made them for the Wheeler’s Yard wedding and i thought tweaking it to chalkboard tins would suit them perfectly. I taught the bride to make them and she produced tins good enough to sell.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with these two, and you don’t know how long i have waited for these pictures to be developed. Again, great job to Androidsinboots and thank you N&W for having me on your big day.

and here’s the sweet testimonial the couple has written for me


Congratulations again! I adore you both to bits and have a blessed ever after.



later alligator



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Peach & Mint Wedding @ The Arts House



photo credit goes to Framewerks

Mint & Peach must be the trending theme of 2013/2014 weddings! This dreamy and lively combination were at its best when I did a wedding at the Arts House. Somehow juxtaposing a modern decor in this colonial house seems appropriate, the palettes toned down the solemn of the place and at the same time carrying out the beauty of the interiors. Solemnization took place in the cabinet hall and proceeded to the beautiful blue room for reception.

the arts house @ 1 parliament road

the arts house @ 1 parliament road

paper rosettes of all kinds are handmade by yours truly and of course with the help of my little sister! we especially love the paper rosette lined with lace. we also hand perforated scallops trimmings for some of the bigger ones. also using round punch, we did strings of garlands paired with peach and mint ribbons adorning the silhouette trees.

paper rosettes and poms

paper rosettes and poms


garlands and ribbons on silhouette trees

garlands and ribbons on silhouette trees

following their theme, the only flower i could think of complimenting the decor would the almighty david austin roses. the queen of all roses, these coral and pink colored blooms are so dreamy and elegant.  from left, birdcage has been wired with fresh roses doubled up as an angpow box. in the middle, a small posy made of pure david austin roses interspersed with silver leaf and scabosia are made to measure for the petite bride. on the right, mason jars are filled with these coral colored roses and hung the aisle.

david austin roses

david austin roses

Mint and Peach is definitely one of my favorite theme to be doing this year! The permutations are endless, thinking of it burlap and lace would definitely go well with this color theme!

Lastly, thank you S&A for the kind testimonial written for me. It was definitely my honor to be part of your big day, a valuable lesson i learnt from the both of you and your closed ones would be kindness begets kindness. only then you could have these wonderful and valuable friends and families surrounding you. have a happily ever after you two soul mates.


not forgetting the awesome lensman behind some of these great pictures, thank you Framewerks!




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Fullerton Bay Hotel

seems like Fullerton Bay Hotel is my lucky charm. The affinity I have with this place is a bit intimidating. I used to part time at Fullerton as a learning florist and not long after decorated my first wedding (W&D’s) and now have the honor to do another. Same place,  another couple a total different feel.

And this is when I can exactly highlight the importance of floral and deco. The feel this bride gave me was very vibrant, playful and youthful. She wanted a palette of tiffany blue, pink and orangey hues and so here goes…


photo credit goes to melvin ho photography

the color palette did brighten the place up. her bridal’s bouquet was made with white eustomas, greenish-pink roses, orange and deep orange spray roses not forgetting hyacinths and ranunculus. Hyacinth florets are hand strung into  trails so it looks like flowy ribbons! all these decor paired with crafty DIYs the bride and groom made, the whole place looks like a playground.

Floral bouquet is also paired with matching hairpieces and matching Groom’s Boutonniere.


Bride had also requested FT signature long lush solemnization piece. Following the same theme, I used mostly the same flowers however adding in green hydrangeas for some soft touches.


FT signature solemnization piece – vessel is handmade

overall, the florals really did liven up the place. do check out Melvin Ho’s Photography for the overall look. Through these pictures its as if you could hear the laughter of these people.

Here’s more photos of the bridal bouquet. I know i truly love it when I really want it for myself too.


his and hers

lastly, some photos of the beautiful couple. Thank you for giving me the joy in creating your wedding pieces and the lovely feedback. FT  sincerely wishes you everlasting happiness.


thank you for your lovely note!

Happy Blessed Wedding!


photo credit goes to melvin ho

thanks for reading!



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W&D’s True Blessing

I couldnt believe how fast it came and went. Winnie and Dexter’s solemnization was something i was very excited about for a long period of time. Simply because i love working with couples who are very hands on themselves. From the very start, Winnie came prepared with a mood board (which i will share with you guys as well),a very detailed email with her requirements, and a very open mind (which i am so thankful for). to be honest, dexter was equally impressive as well. i can imagine the look on my hubby’s face if i were to ask him to browse through any of my bridal magazines. but not only did dexter browse them without the bride asking, he definitely involves himself in the process more than other grooms. *hard pat on your back!*

So W&D’s wedding is not typical at all. while all girls opted for a white gown for their solemnization, our eclectic bride mixed retrolicious warm olive dress for her theme. she did mention that she would have to challenge me with the flowers. i say bring it on! W&D's mood board

this theme color is definitely challenging to choose flowers from, especially when the bride told me she loves “flowers with many petals” and would prefer peony. but unfortunately the season for peonies was just over. at the same time, W&D kept in contact via whatsapp. she would sent in pictures of the flowers she liked, the gown she has tried and some of the many things she sent gave me inspirations for her actual day arrangement.

and this is what she has inspired me to do.

hersi chose the succulent as the main focus. for many who does not know what a succulent is, its part of the cactii family they store water in their hardy leaves. pairing the succulents with ranunculus, erygnium, blackberries, eucalyptus, kochia, silver brunia, waxflowers, boyfriend roses and lastly silver leaf as skirtings. all of them to compliment her dress and theme.

at the same time, i chose something a bit more playful for dexter. a bit of red berries to spice it up.

hisat the end of it all, i am very happy how his and her’s turned out.

i havent got a chance to mention their venue, which is as i am writing this, i begin to see why they chose it. floating pod in fullerton bay hotel. a modern front building with a heritage and retro interior! they are exactly like this! a very modern and stylo mylo couple but has very grounded faith and deep rooted family notions.

they planned a small solemnization with only really close friends and families involved. decor was chosen simply to spruce things up but not take away the beauty of the interiors. i advised her flowers in mason jars, and after the ceremony she could dedicate these jars to her loved ones to bring home. I DIYed the decor on the jars with matching ribbons and twine.

mason jars

and here is the solemnization piece, i chose a low lush piece to compliment the overall look. i really enjoyed doing this piece, i remember the hubs was with me and when it came together he commented that this is even better than our own wedding piece! and so the whole talk of having another ceremony rises… like twice isn’t enough?!

solemnization piece

and after my work’s done, i felt a mixed sense of joy and anxiety. worrying if she’s going to like it. and of cos she loves it!! whoopie!! Sweet bride even wrote me a lovely testimonial


here is a photo of them on the actual day, i wish you both forever love.


photo courtesy of Framewerks.

for more pictures, do visit the awesome photography site of Framewerks