5 ways to make your solemnization stand out!

not just using florals. by choosing carefully your props and other accents, you can easily make your solemnization stand out.

so a lot of my brides always ask “is it worth it to spend so much on a 30 minute affair?” first, you shouldn’t spend “so much”, spend what you can. i always advise my bride to be practical, spend on what they afford.

think about it this way, this 30 minutes will be one of the most important 30 minutes in your life. all eyes will be on you and your stage, photographers and your friends will be clicking away. its the time of your life that you wanna encapsulate in that wedding video, on the wedding book. so if you can prepare for this why not?

here are 5 ways to make your solemnization stand out without breaking your bank.

  1. Venue

Choose a venue that is already pretty, no need much to be done for it to look personalized and spectacular.

Alkaff mansion is one such venue that i always love, the gazebo especially. The old floral grills, the scallop tiles and the pillars. i have seen people curtain-ing off the insides for a chapel look which is pretty nice too, but don’t over-do it.

in this case, i prefer an open-air look. using only a floral garland overhanging the main side of the gazebo and creating an aisle using flowers. Take note that, i paired this couple up with bright pink for a pop! PIC-24.jpg

a closer look on the fresh floral garland adorning the gazebo. using 6 different kind of roses, gigantic bright pink roses, spray roses and also David Austin roses. PIC-14.jpg

2. A heirloom or vintage piece as signing table

if your venue doesn’t permit too big of a sit-down crowd, a piece of advice: get a chop-chop-curry-pok JP. You could do a few rows of sit-downs ( for the ah mas, preggers and mom with kids) but the rest could stand up.

Check out Apple & Ben’s wedding where their wedding solemnization “table” was in fact her grandma’s sewing machine. How cool is that?


3. Backdrop

if you are having your solemnization in the middle of nowhere, fret not! Backdrop is the easiest way to pull people’s attention to the right spot, unless you tell me Mt. Fuji is your backdrop then fine. Otherwise in Singapore, creating a focal point is important otherwise all your friends and families will just be glued to their phones when you are saying your vows.

I have a few of these already-made backdrops for rent, the below macramé was hand-knotted by myself ( read more about it on The Wedding Scoop! ). Send me an email for more backdrops that I have on hand.


4. a floral arch

the easiest thing for a florist to say is: “ADD MORE FLOWERS! FLOWERS HERE, FLOWERS THERE, FLOWERS EVERYWHERE!!!!!” Its easy to say, I will probably die when i’m really doing it. But no, more doesn’t mean good. it looks a bit cliché and trying-too-hard. But just an arch like below is good enough. Framing the picture nicely.


5. Last but not least : A bevy of pretty bridesmaids.

so if you don’t have the above 4 points, its ok! never mind, jio your chio-est girlfriends. at this point in time, doesn’t matter if you know them or not. I AM KIDDING LAH! But having pretty bridesmaids really do help. they are like the preview of the show, helping the bride calm the guests before she walks in and providing the suspense for the groom!

TIP: i prefer bridesmaids with bouquets, otherwise they don’t know what to do with their hands and then they will start throwing gang signs.


So, hope you find something useful in this post. till the next post!


fiona t

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Fruity Rustic Charm @Food For Thought

Wedding of Apple and Ben, photographed by AndroidsinBoots.

When Apple came to look for me, she had loads of awesome ideas. Things i wished i would have done in my own wedding. She wanted foliages, she wanted soft willowy look and she wanted fruity ( as per her name! ). in short, what she wanted was extremely rustic and if you wanna go full force rustic i assumed the outdoors or somewhere airy. However, her love for pancake also cannot be forgotten. Choosing Food for Thought at the National Museum as her venue, here comes the big challenge.

We will have to find a way to tie in the rustic look with the strong and solemn interior of National Museum of Singapore. And most of the time, floral decor is the best way to go about it. With Apple’s heirloom items and with the excellent photography skills of AndroidsinBoots, and a touch of flowers may i present A&B’s wedding at Food for Thought.


Apple specifically asked for an oversized bouquet and as flowy as possible. Using peonies, vintage roses, strawberries, little pineapple pods, spirea and assorted wild mix. I tried my best to create the biggest bouquet of my life.  Dangling the strawberries is freaking hard work. applebouquet.jpg

At their wedding, Apple created their own wedding sign and Apple’s dad created a rack filled with memories for the couples. I simply adorned the frame and sign with fruity garlands.



Apple also used a vintage sewing machine her grandma gave her as solemnization table. Circling the theme, the couple gave measuring tapes as wedding favors and scoured vintage stores looking for old vintage drawers as their centerpieces. Vintage drawers contained photos of their parents and themselves, old buttons and thread spools with little flowers.



Her love for pancakes also allowed me to create a self-serve Pancake station for the guests. And most interesting of all, instead of a traditional wedding cake Apple and Ben opted for a pancake stack as her wedding cake. Pouring maple syrup on it to seal the deal instead of cutting. How apt!


A&B20150605_205805 (1)_1.jpg

this has more meaning that cake cutting don’t  you think?!

a funny and unforgettable moment happened when the bride and groom told me his prickly pineapple boutonniere struck her when they were about to kiss.


Apple & Ben are also photographers and they customized their own photo booth, I designed a simple moon shaped arch as backdrop. Here’s me and my sister elf.


and lastly some kind words from the couple themselves. I couldn’t be happier how it turned out and really glad that the couple loved it.

From Apple
“The Strawberries and Baby Pineapples were definitely a conversation starter at our wedding ! Till today our relatives still talked about my husband’s pineapple boutonniere poking me while we kissed ! Everybody definitely had a good laugh about it.My husband friends ( the guys ) definitely loved the pineapples and warned everyone in the group chat to be careful of hugging the groom lest you get poked as well.
The old folks loved the pineapples as it symbolizes ‘Huat’ good fortune and good blessings for our wedding.
At first i was so worried that my handwritten wedding signage wouldn’t fit in yet Fiona decorated it well with apples and matches my name !
Mixed fruit garland beautify the gigantic plain white photo frame that my father hand made.
Our guests were attracted to take photos in front of the lovely floral wreath backdrop by Fiona.
We had a pancake station and we got Fiona to ‘style’ our wedding pancake ! With her straightforward nature and unique taste, i knew i could trust her to surprise me which she certainly did.
Kudos to her for liaising with the restaurant about the pancake sizes and to work with the limited ingredients on hand.
My family and friends couldn’t comprehend my idea of signing our marriage certificate on my grandma heirloom sewing machine, pancake as wedding cake, apples as decorations. I’m so glad that Fiona supported my idea.
Fiona helped me to cope with the stress of planning the wedding with just 2 months to go and juggling with the home renovations.
She is not just as a stylist but also as a friend with good advice on turning my ideas into reality and even better that what I had envisioned!”

Here’s wishing the couple forever love. big Muacks to them! xxx

A&B20150605_180822 (1)

later peeps.

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Weaver’s Styled Shoot – Outfits and Jewelry

My virgin styled shoot. I can humbly write it is easy coordinating this just because everyone who participated are super zealous with what they are doing. What is hard is the work each of us put into our product, we focused on hand-made goodness and everything DIY and thus I named it Weaver’s. Individually, everyone created something with their bare hands and collectively all these crafts came together as one. It was a shoot i truly enjoyed putting together and i sincerely thank all participating vendors for their craftiness! And am I glad I found camaraderie amongst these talents. Let me present you… Weaver’s Part I – specifically outfits and Jewelry.

For this shoot, I needed bright and cheery shots and was hunting for a suitable photographer when I saw how Bloc Memoire’s photos are exactly my style. Bloc Memoire Photography a dynamic couple team is every bride and groom’s dream team. Guan Hui is a funny lad who loves taking the “big” pictures while Silvia the reassuring one takes in every intricate details. Together as one, there is no moment in a wedding they will miss out. Apart from taking awesome pictures, Guan Hui is secretly trained at some aborigine outpost as a sun-dancer. Weather forecasted 99% rain on our shoot day, but all thanks to our blessed sun-dancer, it was all sunny. Miraculous!

hand-knotted macramé backdrop adorned with hanging planters. macramé chair swag and my little posy.

hand-knotted macramé backdrop adorned with hanging planters. macramé chair swag and my little posy.

The brief to all vendors were simple, written in words with minimal pictures I strive to allow my vendors to do what they do best. The essence of having a styled shoot –  1. is to educate bride and groom ( that this is do-able) 2. to showcase our talents 3.lastly, to push boundaries. Up till now, boho inspired brides are few and far between in Singapore. Our elderlies often comment how boho gowns are like sexy pajamas, and my hand-knotted backdrop probably look like curtains but with this styled shoot i hope everyone can see if everything is paired right it creates a beautiful wedding setup.

Instead of using models, I opted for a real-life couple simply because I believed joy, laughter and happiness exuded from real-life couples are not imitable. I am glad I found Wei Kiat and Chun Lin that suit our theme to a T.

The lucky bride-to-be was able to don two bespoke gowns. A flowy long-sleeved number by Caramel & Co. and a two-piece lace by Olive Suite Weddings.

Caramel’s dress was dreamy. Long and airy sleeved with lacy cuffs, deep V-necklined, teasing mid-riff, high slit and open half back. It is sexy but not over-exposed. I loved how Mel incorporate the boho-chic look so well into the shoot.

Caramel & Co's boho-inspired number

Caramel & Co’s boho-inspired number

Olive Suite’s gown was understated but not to be over-looked wooing all guys and girls! Two-piece wedding gowns are leading the trend right now and Olive nailed it by choosing this spaghetti-strap crop top with a gorgeous lace skirt.

Olive Suite's spaghetti strap crop top paired with overflowing lace skirt

Olive Suite’s spaghetti strap crop top paired with overflowing lace skirt

Pairing both gowns would be Mr. Gentleman‘s suit, opting for a summer filled dapper blue suit. Wei Kiat looked casual smart in this outfit.

Summer suit by Mr. Gentleman

Summer suit by Mr. Gentleman

Adornments on Chun Lin are by Pinwheel Jewels adding the finishing touches to her pretty outfits. What you guys might not know is that Fiona Treadwell also started out as a curated hand-made jewelry website, so when I first met Lianne we had so much to talk about. She has done such a good job scouring these hand-made goodness from around the world and having her onboard was really a gem to our shoot. From stacking rings and necklaces to ear-cuffs, giving the boho bride an edgy feel in this shoot.

stacking rings and necklaces, ear-cuffs and more.... just take my money already pinwheel jewels

stacking rings and necklaces, ear-cuffs and more…. just take my money already pinwheel jewels

On the next post it will be the remaining vendors namely Common Hands Stationeries, Swirl Dessert Tables, make up by Xara Lee and myself!

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Romantic Rustic @ The White Rabbit

N&W are a pair of priceless couple. she looks awesome in her glasses on her wedding day, no one can carry that off except her. he is endearing in nature, sweet and secretly quirky. so they came to me rather last minute, the moment i met them i knew they are going to be so much fun. they handmade concrete planters as take home favors, laser cut wooden name plates as escort cards and we DIY-ed succulent chalk board tins for guests to bring home.

Solemnization was held at The White Rabbit and they wanted something raw, industrial and rustic for the wedding. It was totally my kind of wedding!


Bride was a petite girl and obviously doesn’t like too much fluff, so i concocted a sturdier bouquet with eucalyptus, kiera david austins, spray roses and of course a huge succulent to flank it. succulent was added to be consistent with the venue decor at the white rabbit. Groom also wears a succulent boutonniere.




And a floral crown for her to complete the look. she wore it perfectly!


The white rabbit is such a versatile location, done a couple of weddings there and every couple brings their own vibe to it. This wedding is by far the most whimsical to date. Couple wanted it simple, raw and industrial. They saw the decor at my place and told me this is it, and i was gleaming from ear to ear. Their reception styling was done with stainless steel frames, chalkboard signage, bricks and their handmade planters. Instead of table centerpieces, they opted for DIY upcycled chalkboard tins. I have to give the bride the credit, i told her there is no way i am going to make so many within a short period of time and she volunteered to do it with me. The end result was spectacular, she was way better than me.

reception styling

reception styling


reception styling is becoming a trend, it basically showcase the couple’s journey together. N&W wanted it raw and industrial, so i incorporated steel frame, bricks, tree barks as photo frame, upcyled chalkboard tins and their handmade planters into the area.

In the dining area, I suggested a long floral garland for the main table and 70 over upcycled chalk board tins as individual table pieces. the upcycled chalk board tins doubled up as table numbers as well.

main table floral garland

main table floral garland

chair swag for the couple. simple posy with home-made “bride” and “groom” signs by yours truly.


These DIY upcycled tins were really fun to make, i first made them for the Wheeler’s Yard wedding and i thought tweaking it to chalkboard tins would suit them perfectly. I taught the bride to make them and she produced tins good enough to sell.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with these two, and you don’t know how long i have waited for these pictures to be developed. Again, great job to Androidsinboots and thank you N&W for having me on your big day.

and here’s the sweet testimonial the couple has written for me


Congratulations again! I adore you both to bits and have a blessed ever after.



later alligator



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New York’s Sweater Weather

it is a weird summer. it reminded me of Barcelona’s weather in winter. New Yorkers don’t seem to enjoy it but i totally loved it. Cold chilly mornings and evenings, and soft mid-day sun. The only regretful thing was I wore the same pair of jeans for the whole of 3 weeks.

My New York trip was super fulfilling this time, a day after we landed we took a road trip 5 hours north of NY to stay in a ranch for a few days. Quiet family time and definitely the best way to get over jet-laggedness. It was of course kids’ haven, my 1 and a half year old had a ball of a time at the beach. Even though he didn’t enjoy the horse-back riding, I definitely felt a connection with the horse I was on. Bob the horse ate non-stop when i was on his back and I had to yell at him throughout my otherwise serene walk on the trail. Le hubs commented, like human like horse.


Lake Sherman

Lake Sherman


That part flew by, and soon I was in Flower School in Manhattan. I was living the American dream, my kid was with my in-laws and le hubs and I were staying at THE STANDARD at Meatpacking. The Standard sits on the High Line, which was an old rail road converted into a park. Walking to school in my sweater, plugged into Tom Petty and coffee in hand, I felt like a subject of the Humans of New York but all happy story.

I really have to say that people in the school were really genuine. The Instructors were exceptionally friendly, though they were cautious of my questions ( they do not want to leak too much info, because there is always another class to answer all that questions! ). What i was humbled to see was the founder of the school, Eileen Johnson sweeping the class after we were all done. Beth and Cal were my Instructors and both of them are immensely passionate about their jobs, I took a few of the Introductory Classes from Beth and the Advanced Wedding Series from Cal. I had a few private lessons with Beth too and I really enjoyed it because I thought i really needed supervision when using the floral knife. ( Real florists use knife instead of that damn useful clipper! ) It was hard trying not to kill myself.

The most interesting class would definitely be the huge centerpieces we made. It is rarely seen in Singapore except Hotel lobbies to have such a big piece especially in just water, it was definitely fun to make and the outcome was definitely very jungle-like and impactful.



Bridal Bouquet making was also one of my favorite class. It was easy for me because i have done a few of that by now, but what i found out was coming out with the recipe seems to be some people’s biggest challenge. All recipes were given at the flower school, so it was more of the technique of putting the bouquet together we were learning but a lot of the questions asked were about what goes with what. That’s a mindset I am glad i don’t have. A dozen more students with all the same flowers, each and everyone came out differently. Hence, the takeaway was you can learn the technique but you cannot learn the style.

2013-10-05 11.21.08

What i also liked was, despite the trend of inserting 20 over different flowers into a bouquet ( come on! how not to be beautiful when you put 20 beautiful things together!) the school emphasized on basics: a focus. I am guilty of having floral envy as well, but the school reinforced the truth i already knew, basic is still beautiful.

Beth using only roses for a bridal's bouquet. Not the typical roses, excuse moi. Garden roses grown in California and Spray roses from Ecuador.

Beth using only roses for a bridal’s bouquet. Not the typical roses, excuse moi. Garden roses grown in California and Spray roses from Ecuador.

I enjoyed Cal’s lesson a lot too. he has an upbeat personality, fun and easy to talk to. It is a totally  different conversation when you talk to men about flowers. IT’S ALL BUSINESS. so naturally, Cal took over the business aspect about owning a floristry. It was technical, excel spreadsheets and a whole lot of other un-happening-calculator things. But definitely insightful. He also took me on a private tour to the New York Flower Market which i thoroughly enjoyed! Another thing i was jealous about him, he is connected to two of the most talented florists in NY.  Business partner Ariella Chezur and his wife Phobe Crary. I got into huge fan-mode meeting Ariella at the Flower Market that rendered me speechless for a few moments, just gleaming ear-to-ear.

fan mode on. is this how a florist suppose to dress? i thought i was more appropriate with my overalls and flower power sweater.

fan mode on. is this how a florist suppose to dress? i thought i was more appropriate with my overalls and flower power sweater.

At the flower market, lined along the streets of W28th and 6th Ave it wasn’t just what i expected. I was expecting huge cold rooms, high ceilings packed with stacks and stacks of flowers. However, it was just shops and shops some without air conditioning that carry the prettiest blooms of the season. I saw an overwhelming amount of Dahlias, and because of the over-supply it was relatively cheap. Otherwise, all other flowers were equally expensive as Singapore.

B-Groovy and Smarty-Pants Dahlias (picture on the bottom right): American growers definitely have a sense of humor. Check out the colors of these dahlias. Dahlias love cold climate, their petals shed off easily when in warm temperatures.

Dahlia overload.

Dahlias overload.

Roses are extensive too, for brides who hate roses wait till you see this. not all roses are created equal, and these are the most beautiful lots i have seen. I love the colors, i love how big and round they are, i love their scents, but only if i can lay my hands on them in singapore.


L to R: Sahara roses, nice mustardy in color, i can so seem them in a vintage and rustic bouquet. Another kind of David Austin. Garden Spray Rose from middle pic to the end. Except the last flower in the picture is really fairy-tale like! Its lilac in color!!

Other interesting finds include this unknown vine ( which cal also doesn’t know), rambutan like plant which is known as caster bean, grape hyacinth and mimosa foliage. I super want to do something with the mimosa plant, Cal said I got the “foliage envy”.


Love-in-a-puff: grown in Ariella’s farm, this vines have poofy-lantern like fruits which house a seed that shapes like a heart shape. hence the name. exudes a very “garden feel”.



At the flower market with Cal, I saw first hand how are flowers dip-dyed. Although unnatural, i feel that this will be an upcoming trend creating customize colors for end consumers. White dahlias are dip-dyed into whatever colors consumers want.

white dahlias dip-dye in yellow.

white dahlias dip-dye in yellow.

Cal is also very hands-on, he taught the advanced wedding series which was super useful. Making a chuppah ( pronounced as hoopah) is definitely on my next to-do list. But the warning given by Eileen makes me shiver, be prepared that one of these may fall. No!!!! I will make it so steady it won’t fall, unless its built with concrete and drilled into the ground otherwise yes be prepared it might collapse! The thought of it collapsing on my bride and groom really scares me. Nevertheless, I loved the significance and oh-how-beautiful-it-is!


And the cascading bouquet class was awesome because i get to use Gardenia, really hard to find in Singapore. I have actually never seen it in Singapore. Even in NY, they come pre-packed into a box, because they are so fragile their growers put a flower cap onto them way before they bloom and they are being sold per bloom. A whooping $10usd per head. But when you smell it, it is really heavenly. One flower to rule it all! All hail the Gardenia.

2013-10-13 06.39.38

And my cascading bouquet, there are a lot more flowers available to use however i omitted them out so i could get this really elegant bouquet. Look at that blush colored rose, where can i find it in Sinagpore?!!!


2013-10-13 08.46.20

That was it, it went really fast. I felt like i was working everyday when i was in NY. i didn’t even had the time to go to all of my favorite restaurants. But it was really purposeful, hopefully i will put what i learnt into good use.

Till the next post, tata!










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Wheeler’s Yard

This wedding was so cool I totally envied the bride’s vision.

When L asked to meet me at Wheeler’s Yard I knew its going to be a wedding to look out for. Armed with lifestyle events management skills, she planned her wedding with such vigor and intricacy all little details are being taken of. From locally designed invites, handmade wishing bracelets as wedding favors, chalk-board inspired backdrop as photobooth and an argentinian barbecue crew nothing at the wedding was being short of cool. of course, with greatest pleasure and honor I was the appointed florist.


wheeler’s yard

L entrusted me with the floral decor for the venue, if you have never been to Wheeler’s Yard do check it out. It was nominated top 12 hip restaurants for singapore weddings on the wedding scoop. She is so cool in a way that she trusted me entirely with my creations, she gave me an idea of what she wanted to decorate for the place and I improvised along the way. L asked for potted plants to decorate the sitting tables to add greenery to it, instead adding sloppy ferns I opted for up cycled tins of succulents. L wanted dreamy and lacey wedding bouquet but due to uncontrollable weather conditions, I had to trade in Queen’s Lace for a chic bouquet of flowers interspersed with herbs.

I am really proud of the up cycled tins of succulents I made. Because of the tight budget the bride allocated me, I managed to gather metal tins ( thanks to all my friends and my son’s milk powder tins! ) sand them down, painted them and hand drawn every single one. The theme was travel and paper plane was one of their wedding icons that I incorporated into my work.



succcollage4vintage typography

paper planes are one of the wedding symbols in the traveling theme wedding, i incorporated it along with banners, hearts and bell flowers. i have also stuck in hand typed fun-facts and how-to’s for the guests’ entertainment.

succulents and vintage fonts

succulents in upcycled tins and vintage fonts go impeccably together

the up cycled tins were a huge hit that night, guests were able to take it home as favors and just because they are so easy to take care of its perfect for busy bees like us! Below are some images taken at the venue, all photo credit goes to Eric Eng from Penn Studio Photography. Great job! wheelersyard2 wheelerscoll1

Apart from table decor, L wanted a background to frame her pictures. So, I proposed a makeshift arch using silhouette trees and the bride herself folded paper planes as hanging ornaments.

folded planes on silhouette trees

folded planes on silhouette trees

solemnization took place on this really old school barnyard looking table with highchairs. instead of using fresh flowers, i aligned the succulent look throughout. applying it on the reception table and the solemnization table.

succulent planters and ribbons on barnyard highchairs

succulent planters and ribbons on barnyard highchairs

Lastly, the bridal bouquet was something I was looking forward to make. L initially wanted a full bouquet of Queen’s Lace which I was so excited about. Not many people would be able to pull that look off, but I am so sure she definitely can carry it out. However due to the bloody weather conditions, I couldn’t get my hands on the Lace. Everything that is a she is so unpredictable and not nice, Mother Nature included. So, in the end I opted for a herbal bouquet. Using white eustomas, veronicas, baby pink roses and interspersed with eucalyptus, lemon balm, thyme, rosemary and dill the bouquet smells heavenly!

infused with herbs - photo credit goes to Eric Eng from Penn Studio Photographers

infused with herbs – photo credit goes to Eric Eng from Penn Studio Photographers

The wedding was a really fun one to make, and to be part of it was really my honor. again, there are many people to thank. My little bro was a great flower elf!

Finally, here’s wishing B&L an everlasting happiness. You guys rock!






despite Valentine’s day being over-rated, i still believe every couple should designate a day ( or more) to give flowers and celebrate over wine. not necessarily the feb of 14th though. even as florists, i say that because prices for flowers were insanely inflated ( a stalk of rose went up to $10 wholesale price, and you wonder why you are getting such a small bouquet? ) and i truly am repulsed by the grab-and-go flowers.

and precisely this is the reason why i only do customization of bouquets, many of my bouquets’ recipients were friends or repeat customers. otherwise, new customers are to provide me with a short description of their girls and some even attached photos! I truly enjoy the process as it definitely gives the bouquet i made a story behind it and thus make the recipients a one-of-a-kind girl. while every girl is sashaying down the road with a classic red-roses-baby’s-breath-bouquet or whatever-it-is-with-baby’s-breath, i say that boat has long sailed and now is the time for more wild and fun flowers.

i definitely had fun making all these creations, i start bouquet by bouquet. choosing the flowers, binding them together and then wrap them up one at a time. it is not a mass production but a very much quiet and serene process in my own home ( at the end it was like a mess ). i think about the girls as i made them; “this bouquet will look great along with the new yellow LV bag her boyfriend got her for V-day”, “this looks great with her red lipstick look”, etc. and this is also why i love my job, its personable and it makes everyone happy. what’s best? i get leftover flowers.

here is a short write-up and thoughts I had while making these bouquets.

classic bouquet with a twist : a reform of the red-roses-with-baby’s-breath, i used 3 different colored roses with italian ruscus in a cascading manner

classic bouquet with a twist

classic bouquet with a twist

peek-a-boo garden : an orangey hue bouquet with roses and ranunculus hidden among mini eucalyptus. this girl is a new found friend when i did her wedding last year, i always feel she has the power to turn something vintagey into something modern and thus give her a bouquet that is subtle but strong in colors.

peek-a-boo is not as subtle as you think with this neon wrapper

peek-a-boo is not as subtle as you think with this neon wrapper

hidden amongst the mini eucalyptus are these ranunculus and yellow roses

hidden amongst the mini eucalyptus are these ranunculus and yellow roses

rustic : a bright wintry feeling is what i am trying to convey. this girl always remind me of winter.

antique colored hydrangeas and wintry eucalyptus set the tone

antique colored hydrangeas and wintry eucalyptus set the tone

lilies : boyfriend asked for lilies and i already like the girl. i always think girls who likes lilies are alluring.

the sweet smell

the sweet smell

pure and simple : baby’s breath. they are always used as fillers. but sometimes these underdogs can be the main actor too. how gorgeous is this bouquet!!

no more underdogs

no more underdogs

for sarah : my brother’s girlfriend, a sweet and simple girl. i wanted a red hued bouquet for her and decided shes too young for it. so i did a match of pinkish undertone with green hydrageas

sweet young thing

sweet young thing

neon sputnik sweetheart : this is an interesting bouquet to make, i chose an array of playful colors inspiring the girl who received this bouquet to break out of her shell. and made it as daring and bold as possible by wrapping it with neon colored wrappers.

everything playful

everything playful

red lipstick : if you could see the girl’s face, you will be jealous. this pretty girl only deserves a pretty bouquet. she has this classic face which i thought if she ever wore a red lipstick and carry my bouquet, she will be my poster girl.

will you be my poster girl?

will you be my poster girl?

sweetest moments : i made these similar pair of bouquets inspired by the couple themselves. sweet and gentle.



callas : boyfriend knew exactly what she wanted. and she likes it fuss free. trust me, the bouquet wasn’t easy to made. i had to re-tie again and again.

languid lines

languid lines

purple tulips : and thats what she got. tulips are very fragile especially in our weather, the general public likes it enclosed but it is only natural if they bloom. and for those who hasn’t seen tulips full bloom its another kind of prettiness too.

purple adoration

purple adoration

green : what kind of a girl loves green? that was what i was thinking when i made bouquet? does she likes the nature? it was quite uncommon for me to get an all green bouquet so i jumped at the challenge. might have gone a bit overboard and so glad she loves it. it was a concoction of callas, tulips, orchids and the full attendance of eucalyptus family. if u like the herby smell, this bouquet is healing!

a concoction of green

a concoction of green

here are most of the stuff i have done, and again i am truly blessed i have supportive friends and family. the trust these people have given me to create these flowers, i am really beyond grateful.

one last picture to end the post!

its ok to be single! you should be loving it!

its ok to be single! you should be loving it!

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Valentine’s 2014